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Commercial Services

We work for many businesses that have roof top equipment and split systems up to 20 ton units. In addition we install mini-split systems in computer server rooms.

 AC Problems? use a company you can trust. We help both Commercial and Residential customers.

Our Services

Our goal is to provide you top service with quality certified technicians in a timely manner.

We are here to help you with your A/C & Heating needs, check out our many service offerings and contact us today!

AC & Heating Repair

We have 35 years experience repairing all brands. A certified technician with knowledge in the feild will be working on your system. You won’t be paying some journeyman tech learning how to fix a/c & heat systems on your dime. We also attend ongoing classes to keep us current in new technologies.

AC & Heating Installation

We install new hi-efficiency systems to replace your old inefficient problematic equipment. Too many companies are only interested in selling you a new system regardless of the condition or repairability. We will never sell you a system if the situation doesn’t warrant it.

Preventative Maintenance

We provide annual contracts to perform air conditioning and heating check-ups in your home or business before each season to prevent breakdowns during the extreme weather. Periodic filter replacements are done also.

Storm Damage Repair

We are experienced with working with insurance companies to get the maximum claim amount possible for lightning strikes, hail damage, fire & flood damage.  We have negotiated with claim adjusters to get equipment replaced rather than repaired.

Indoor Air Quality

The REMO HALO is a device that eliminates sick building risks by neutralizing odors, particulate, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses. You can smell the difference once the REMO HALO is installed into you’re a/c & heat system. I personally installed it in my own home and it works!

Leak Detection Expert

With our hi-tech Freon leak detectors we take the time to find small Freon leaks in your evap coils, condensers, or Freon lines where others don’t. With the price of Freon going up every year you can’t afford to just fill the system up as you use too.

Air Flow Evaluation

Hot or cold rooms! We remedy airflow problems with booster fans, duct layout alterations, and sealing air leaks. Replacement of dilapidated duct is another service we provide.

Zoning System Installs

Every customer we have installed a zoning system for has loved the results.  It allows you up to 3 zones on a single a/c & heat system.  Living area, master bedroom area, and upstairs are a typical install.  All three areas have independent thermostats.  Great for parties where you can shut off/ reduce airflow to unoccupied rooms & put it area where all the people are.  This system is a energy saver!




Texas HVAC License # TACLB001443E

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